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 We work with human will for human kind



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Merciless killer


​​The Epidemic started in Nimba County in mid July 2014, when a trans County trader visited Lofa County for business.

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Saving smiles



WSAID partnered with dentists and volunteers to bring smiles to the area of Crescent City Florida


We work with laboratories in Latin America, Asia and Africa to provide basic and expanded newborn screening services and education to  parents and healt care providers. 

Newborn screening saves lives.

Newborn Screening
Oral Health

We work with communities around the globe to provide relief after natural disasters. 

Dental caries is still a major oral health problem in most industrialized countries, affecting 60-90% of schoolchildren and the vast majority of adults. It is also a most prevalent oral disease in several Asian and Latin-American countries.

Disaster relief
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